Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What would happen if you were told in a mysterious phone call to kill or be killed by a man you've never met before? 

Raven's Head Press will be bringing you a very special "One Shot" novelette titled WICKED GAME by Gianluca Piredda. The book will be published in a single edition with both English and Italian text.

Gianluca Piredda was born in Sassari, in northern Sardinia. His mother was a teacher and homemaker, her father a police officer. Gianluca soon fell in love of storytelling. As a child, his mother told him stories of the Greek myths instead of traditional fairy tales and, in elementary school, he visited the office of the local newspaper and it fascinated him. He started working very young in publishing. At 15, his first publication, and he started working both as an author and as journalist. In 1997 comes his first own comic book miniseries and in 1999 he arrived in the US market, by publishing "Winds of Winter" (Antarctic Press, 2000). From there onwards, he wrote many other things like "Warrior Nun Areala", "Free Fall", "Airboy", "Spektral" and several short stories for Image Comics and thriller stories. As a journalist, he worked in radio, TV and several newspapers and magazines of which he was editor and editor in chief. Today he writes books about media and for Italian newspapers like Libero.

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