Sunday, May 24, 2015

ERNESTO GASTALDI'S THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS by Michael Hudson is now available for ordering on the Raven's Head Press website or on 

When a couple of young women are viciously slain in a once glamorous Milan high-rise, two beautiful young models move into one of the highly sought after vacated apartments. Soon, a mysterious killer is stalking both women! The suspects include a sex-crazed ex-husband, a lesbian neighbor on the prowl, the deformed son of a sinister widow, and even the building's handsome property manager who suffers from hemophobia, a paralyzing fear of blood. Can the local police inspector and our two heroines expose the masked maniac with an appetite for alluring women and perverted murder before the girls become his next victim?

Based on the fantastic giallo screenplay of Ernesto Gastaldi with an informative and entertaining foreword by Video Watchdog’s Tim Lucas, Michael Hudson’s version of The Case of the Bloody Iris is going to have you looking over your shoulder and sitting on the edge of your seat when you are alone in the dark.

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