Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ernesto Gastaldi's giallo thriller BLOOD IN MY POCKET is on sale at

Her face was disfigured by a line of blood that ran across one eye and she was covered in scratches and bruises."At home? I'm at home?" she stuttered with swollen, bloody lips.

Jack Migol, troubleshooter for one of Hollywood's biggest studios, never heard his wife utter those words. He never heard her say anything that made sense again. That sent him on a path of revenge that would not be sated until a handful of tinseltown's elite were destroyed in ways equally as creative as the films they produced.

Ernesto Gastaldi's MY NAME IS NOBODY The Novel by Michael Hudson is on sale at 


My Name Is Nobody is a novel based on the wonderful original screenplay by Ernesto Gastaldi for the 1973 film of the same name. The novel expands on the screen version as well as adding a good bit that was not in the film. If you enjoy spaghetti westerns you will certainly enjoy this book. It has character, humor, and loads of adventure.


Five Stars By korak49 on January 16, 2015

Must have if you are a fan of the movie...very fun read that adds and expands scenes that were not in the film...this book is pure joy to read and I highly recommend it!!!!!!!

Four Stars By William D. Niichols on January 18, 2015

The film was fun to view and the novel version from the screenplay is just as much fun to read! A bang-up job by Michael Hudson!

Five Stars By Christi Clore on January 18, 2015

This book is such fun to read! Michael Hudson, the Imagery Maestro!