Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Raven's Head Press is delighted to present Gianluca Piredda's Wicked Game  in print as a trade paperback, kindle, and audio book. This is a novelette and the first of what we are calling our One Shot line. The book is in an expanded English version by Michael Hudson and in the original Italian by Gianluca Piredda. Both versions are excellent and have been getting great reviews.

Synopsis:  Tom Tucker was having a good day. And then he got a mysterious phone call telling him he would need to kill or be killed by a man he'd never met before. And so his nightmare began. Gianluca Piredda and Michael Hudson bring you a psychological thriller in novelette form that will place you right into Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. See if you figure things out faster than Tom Tucker.
Our audio version is read by voice actor, Shane Morris and he has done a masterful job of bringing the words on the page to life. If you love radio drama then this is the version for you. The audio book and kindle are matched up so you can read along or take up where you left off on either version. Of course, if you are like me you'll want the trade paperback on your shelf or better yet in your back pocket or purse. The book is perfect escapism and you can read it in one setting and be happily satisfied with the experience.

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Raven's Head Press has a new kindle book out today and it is great read.

Originally serialized in Adventure magazine as He Who Rides the Tiger and as a novel in 1948 as The Nightwalkers, James Norman Schmidt writing as James Norman gave us a fine adventure mystery with an exotic locale that has not seen U.S. print since 1953.
For now, Raven's Head Press will just be offering this as a kindle edition. Enjoy!

Raven's Head Press is proud that Alexandra Holzer's GHOST GAL: The Wild Hunt has been included as a nominee for the Fiction Literary Award category in the prestigious 2015 Paranormal Awards. And they gave us the really nifty Certificate of Nomination that we show off. Bobby Nash did a bang up job as he always does on the book with some asides from me and our must, Alexandra, was always there with anecdotes about her childhood and parents to charm us and keep us on the straight and narrow if that can even be done in a paranormal adventure.

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Also available in kindle and audio book formats. You will find links to both on Raven's Head Press.

Congratulations Bobby and Alex!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We have a brand new book promo video for Paolo Di Orazio's My Early Crimes.


Then go to Amazon and order a copy of this terrifying book by Italy's master of horror and father of splatterpunk.