Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sequential Pulp Comics and Raven's Head Press is proud to announce that both imprints as well as the books of Michael R. Hudson will be represented by Tiziana Marzano, Literary Agent, for the European countries of Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Tiziana Marzano Biography
Tiziana Marzano was born in a quiet seaside town on the Calabrian coast of Italy where she still lives and works today. 
She holds a degree in Modern Literature. Through much discipline and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Tiziana obtained a specialization in Latin and a master’s degree in Professional
 Writing and Publishing. 

She has been working in the publishing industry since 2009, starting out as editor of
 medical-science textbooks for a small publishing house in Verona and later as
an advertising agency copywriter. 
 From 2010 to the present she has contributed articles to several newspapers, and to scholarly and
 literary magazines (both online and printed). 
From May 2011 to November 2012 Tiziana served as the publishing consultant 
and editor of an independent publishing house, working on numerous projects from a series
 of novels to works of non fiction. 
Her activities as a hands-on editor has always been to work directly and closely with writers, publishers, 
cultural institutions, and anyone desiring to transform their own passion for writing into a published reality.

Experience and the knowledge gained in the
literary field has led Tiziana to take her career path a step further and become a literary
 agent to facilitate the authors she works with in the editorial process. It is a bold
 and yet wise decision that is giving her the satisfaction to nurture writers and to feed her passion for books at the same time. It has also opened doors
 to the international market for Tiziana. In fact, today Tiziana is working tirelessly with Italian
 and U.S. authors and publishers. She is a bright and shining star in the world of publishing as other
collaborations are opening up in the European and U.S. market. 

As an author and as the President of the boutique publishing imprints, Sequential Pulp Comics LLC and Raven’s Head Press, I could not be more delighted in having Tiziana Marzano represent me and my companies in Italy and all of southern Europe.

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