Friday, May 20, 2016

Wow! It has been a delightful and yet very difficult month for me in reading and culling down well over one hundred submissions for Raven's Head Press' upcoming horror anthology, Death Dances In the Moonlight. I've received so many truly excellent stories and that is what makes my job so darn difficult.
I have, hopefully, notified everyone who submitted but did not make the final cut. To all of you I want to say THANK YOU!!! Yes, in caps, because you ARE good writers and you made it hard on me. That is a problem every editor of an anthology wants to have.
To those of you who have not heard back from me as of yet, you will shortly and you can most likely expect good news. (Except for the one manuscript that did not contain a name or any contact information on it...SMH)
My original intent was for this book to contain ten short stories. It now looks like that will be twenty. And goodness knows, I did not plan for that to happen in my budget for the book. But the stories selected, each being unique, all have the cohesion I was hoping to find that fits so well together forming a very pulpish horror experience for me as a reader and I trust will so for our future readers as well.
Those selected will be announced very soon! Again, my sincere thanks to all who participated!

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