Saturday, January 30, 2016

Davide Mana is hard at work translating and adapting a new series for Raven's Head Press thanks to our good friends at Nero Press and authors Federica Soprani and Vittoria Corella.
1890. The European order had already manifested the seeds of a world war and sees two opposing schools of scientific thought: the British Craftsmen who strive to develop a mechanical society through the use of exoskeleton engineering in order to reinforce the capabilities of workers and soldiers. They have a plan for a "utopian" society located in Eastern Europe known as Meccagenetronica where they develop terrifying man-machine hybrids. In London this triggers a battle without quarter between a mysterious masked vigilante known as Fog, Sergeant Malachy Murphy and the ruthless Baba Yaga, a woman employed for his own sinister purposes by Dr. Anton Morse, the genius behind Meccagenetronica. Also involved in the fight is a young diamond cutter named Mordecai Gerolamus, who is singularly haunted by invisible and disturbing demons, and the aggressive journalist, Catherine "Orlando" Swan and her brother Percy, director of the newspaper where she works.
The books will be short reads and the storyline will develop and grow as new books come out. Raven's Head Press plans to release one book per quarter in 2016.

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